8/6 World Class Executive Boards

We create an affordable national peer to peer,  or general executive boards to assist in making you a better leader and thus, creating a better company for you, your employees and those that count on you!  

All Boards are conducted on a virtual basis.

Become an World Class Leader and World Class Company

When it comes to creating a World Class Company you have three options:

  1. Do nothing.
  2. Try to do it yourself and continue on the same path.
  3. Join an 8/6 Executive Board and let us and your peers help you achieve World Class faster than you can imagine!

If you choose 3 and follow our process, we can guarantee you and your company will move towards World Class status.  Why worry about Industry standards or averages, become the Industry leader! 

The 8/6 Format

Your executive board will meet virtually for 4 hours every 6-8 weeks.  We allow time for education, issue processing, KPI’s and networking.  Our collaborative process is designed for the CEO, COO, CTO and CFO to expand their knowledge, learn how others have been successful and provide advice and support to propel your company to the World Class level.  

Are you ready to ask the tough questions?  Tackle the tough issues?   Are you ready to become World Class?

Contact us for more information or go to www.86executiveclub.com.  

Don’t delay, start today and achieve unimaginable results!

The Virtual “Flex” meeting!

Can’t make a meeting every 6-8 weeks?  Have an issue you need help with ASAP? No problem!

Join our Flex Board meetings.  We understand your busy schedule and we understand that business and issues travel faster than the speed of light.  

Flex Boards are scheduled every two weeks so you can randomly sign up and join when you need help fast or the rhythm of every 6-8 just does not fit your schedule.  Boards are first come first serve and limited to 8 executives.  We follow the same format as our standard boards.  Flex Boards meet for 4 hours and will issue process, network and help monitor KPI’s.  

Contact us for more information.  Don’t delay, start today and achieve unimaginable results!